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Getting Creative with Tile | Bathrooms, Patios, Tables & More!

Last updated 6 years ago

No matter whether you’re working with natural stone, porcelain, or ceramic, tile gives creative minds the opportunity for endless expression. When you consider how tile has been used over time—grand entryway floor designs, cathedral facades, decorative elements on fountains—this is not surprising. Tile is a durable, versatile building material that can be incorporated into just about any structure’s design. Read on to learn about a few creative applications of tile: 

Glass Tile Shower Wall: If you are striving for luxury and cutting-edge design, then consider installing a shower wall constructed of glass tiles. Arrange glass tiles of various colors in a unique pattern and enjoy the way that they glimmer under the water the next time you take a relaxing shower.

Patio Pavers: When designing a patio, the three elements of greatest concern should be comfort, appearance, and ease of maintenance. Natural stone tiles can satisfy home decorators in all three categories. Line your pool’s border with tiles that look nice, can handle exposure to water and extreme weather conditions, and that can be comfortably walked on with bare feet.

Bathroom Art: Create a tile mosaic or some other form of tile art and incorporate it into your bathroom wall’s layout for your viewing pleasure and to impress your guests.


Coffee Table: Instead of purchasing expensive wood that is susceptible to staining from spilled drinks, cover your coffee table with intricately designed ceramic tiles that are fairly resistant to chipping and are easy to clean.

If you are a New Jersey homeowner looking to use tile for your next home improvement project, or are an architect or contractor looking for a wholesale tile distributor, then contact Standard Tile today. Call (888) 903-0998 to find out which of our seven store locations is nearest you.



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